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The Science of Natural Dietary Supplements

Solgar has established certain stable values ​​along its path since 1947 when it started its activity. And these are none other than ensuring quality products that promote the health and well-being of people. Nutrition is a whole science and that's why Solgar has chosen a network of exclusive distribution points for natural nutritional supplements, available from specially trained and qualified people.

Leading position in the Greek market of food supplements

Solgar natural nutritional supplements started coming to Greece 23 years ago. Isoplus was the company that undertook the promotion of its products and the recognition of their value by the consumers brought Solgar to the first place of the public preferences.

Today Solgar offers more than 300 top quality natural nutritional supplements that provide energy and are a valuable ally of consumer health.

Ecological action worldwide

The company believes in the value of a balanced diet and proper physical exercise and invests in environmental protection and consumer education in a healthy lifestyle. Solgar promotes human health and the environment as it believes that society and nature are interrelated concepts for promoting quality of life.

Solgar respects the environment and promotes ecological actions, starting first of all from its own production process, which is why it utilizes glass bottles, 100% recyclable.

Participates in the Carbon Neutral® program and maintains a neutral carbon balance. In fact, under the same program, he planted more than 10.000 trees, contributing to the regeneration of natural forests and the treatment of carbon dioxide emissions. He is a major investor in many applications that promote wind and solar parks worldwide with the aim of saving energy and reducing air pollution. Even the facilities are designed to serve green, eco-friendly development.

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