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CeraVe: the affordable and effective moisturizing line CeraVe was created by dermatologists and launched by Coria Laboratories just 13 years ago. The brand's vision was to reach as many people as possible with…


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CeraVe: the affordable and effective hydration range


CeraVe created by dermatologists and launched by Coria Laboratories just 13 years ago. The brand's vision was to reach as many people as possible with affordable toiletries containing 3 ceramides restoring the natural epidermal barrier.

These ceramides have been found to be deficient in skin that has dermatological conditions. The formulations were enhanced with a revolutionary hydration release system known as MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE) technology.

This combination, even with a single use of the product, not only achieves the reconstitution of the levels of ceramides in the skin, but also provides the possibility of maintaining and lasting hydration at an adequate and controlled level, through the gradual release offered by the layered beads. .

MVE technology has the following advantage over most formulations: in contrast to "instant release", CeraVe MVE technology provides a gradual performance of the components through the multilayer concentric oily and aqueous phase beads that provide gradual hydration phases. Each MVE bead consists of concentric levels that "capture" components such as ceramides, fatty acids and phytosphingosine.

These levels gradually and permanently release the ingredients of CeraVe into the skin. The composition of CERAmides with MVE technology created CERAVE, the affordable, cosmetic, dermatological and therapeutic treatment line for everyone, which is used and highly recommended by doctors and patients.

"Today, with the launch of CeraVe worldwide, we are one step closer to the brand's vision, to reach as many people as possible, with affordable care products that contain the 3 essentially ceramides to repair the epidermal barrier. When a doctor recommends or a consumer tries CeraVe for the first time, we hope to feel the difference the products make on the skin. Our team looks forward to working with physicians and consumers around the world to continue to innovate and evolve CeraVe "Globally," says John Reed, General Manager of CeraVe in the US & Internationally.

The global expansion will focus on the brand's basic cleansing and moisturizing products, face and body containing the 3 basic ceramides. The rapid expansion is a result of the huge growth shown by the brand in North America (CeraVe is the # 1 moisturizing brand in the USA *) and the ever-growing global trend for affordable, dermatological care products that offer an enjoyable experience thanks to its wonderful texture. 

CeraVe has a complete line of skin care products that respond to the steps recommended by dermatologists for cleansing, care and hydration.

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