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EAN: 5205152005704
Product code: 405
Optofresh eyelid cleanser The eyelids, due to their very thin skin, are vulnerable to many…
Product of the series Intermed Optonic - Optofresh Intermed

Optofresh eyelid cleanser

The eyelids, due to their very thin skin, are vulnerable to many irritants, resulting in dryness and irritation. Both the secretions of the eyes - either normal or pathological - and the exposure of the eyelids to a variety of external irritants (dust, smoke, exhaust fumes, dry air, make-up) irritate the eyelids and make the appearance of others skin diseases.

Optofresh eyelid cleanser, thanks to the aqueous extracts of chamomile and euphoria it contains, is the ideal foam for cleaning and treating irritated eyelids.

Optofresh eyelid cleanser:

Cleanses the eyelids from secretions associated with blepharitis, eye infections and dry eyes.
Removes residues of exogenous irritants.
Soothes red and tired eyelids, thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of chamomile.
Instantly relieves dry and damaged eyelids, thanks to the anti-irritant effect of euphoria.
Helps massage the eyelids, promoting the drainage of the Meibomian glands.
It can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of pathological conditions of the eyelids or after surgeries, according to the advice of a doctor.


Wash your hands and clean your fingertips with OPTOFRESH® Eyelid Cleanser.
Apply a sufficient amount of OPTOFRESH® Eyelid Cleanser at your fingertips or, in the case of surgery after use, on a sterile gauze.
With your eyes closed, massage the eyelid with gentle movements. Do not allow the product to enter the inside of the eye. Leave the foam to act for 1-2 minutes.
Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

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