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INTERMED D3 FIX DROPS 200IU With Pump 30ml

INTERMED D3 FIX DROPS 200IU With Pump 30ml

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D3 fix drops 200 is the new generation of nutritional supplements D3 fix drops, based on the technology...
D3 fix drops 200 is the new generation of D3 fix drops diet supplements, based on mycelialization technology.

The intake of vitamin D in the form of mycelium and in its practically water-soluble form,

achieves immediate and high absorption with highest bioavailability and excellent effectiveness, in all age groups and in every patient profile,

even in cases with disorders of digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins such as patients with celiac disease etc.

The composition of the new generation D3 fix drops is characterized as well tolerated and particularly friendly thanks to the natural olive solvent, the natural vanilla aroma and the natural sweetener (D3 fix drops 200).

Free from common allergens such as: milk/lactose, egg, fish, nuts, wheat, gluten & soy.

Free of sugars, alcohol & artificial colors.

Low sodium content

It is available in an innovative and high-precision pump, fully controlled flow by the patient where every pressure easily delivers a drop.

Package of 30ml corresponding to 660 drops.

• Premature newborns
• Newborns born to mothers with vitamin D deficiency
• Infants who exclusively breastfeed or receive less than 1Lt of fortified milk per day
• Dark children or children who make extensive use of sunscreen
• Children in development
• Children with chronic diseases or digestive disorders
• Children treated with antiepileptic drugs and corticosteroids

• Indoor patients or people who stay indoors or make extensive use of sunscreen
• Patients with chronic diseases & digestive disorders
• Obese patients, people who do not eat properly, vegetarians
• People with dark skin
• People taking cholesterol (cholesterol) medication as well as antiepileptics or corticosteroids
• Menopausal women with osteoporosis & with a history of accidental fractures
• Pregnant women

D3 Fix Drops 200 containing 200IU of vitamin D3 per drop (1 pump pressure = 1 drop), offers individualization of the dose, flexibility in the dosage regimen and ease of administration both for newborns, infants and children as well as for adults, while it can administered as is or mixed with a small amount of liquid food at room temperature. Taking can be done independently of meals facilitating compliance.

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