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Forte Pharma XtraSlim 700 120TABS

Forte Pharma XtraSlim 700 120TABS

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Powerful intensive aid for burning aid & weight reduction FortePharma Laboratories, the most…

Powerful intensive aid for burning aid & weight reduction

FortePharma Laboratories, the most specialized in Europe in the field of slimming nutrition, introduce their latest scientific innovation!

A new - proven effective - composition with active ingredients of natural origin, to help you get rid of excess weight, boosting the body's basic metabolism and increasing the average daily calorie burn by 700.


Burning more than 700 calories on a daily basis, corresponds to a loss of about 3-3,5 kg of body weight per month.


Its main ingredient XtraSlim 700 is the LipoXim® complex (a mixture of wakame seaweed and turmeric), a natural ingredient that can increase the amount of calories we burn without making any effort:

  • Wakame seaweed increases the production of thermogenin (a mitochondrial protein involved in energy production). This increase in thermogenic production boosts the body's basal metabolism and average daily fat burning.
  • Turmeric has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The adipose tissue of the overweight "suffers" and emits inflammatory signals. Reducing inflammation helps fat cells function better, enhancing weight loss. It also helps in the complete digestion of lipids. The stronger and 'perfect' the breakdown of food, the less toxins and residues weigh on the body.


2 more natural ingredients enhance the action of the basic complex:

1 / Black currant: With significant diuretic action to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins that enhance blood flow, and good kidney function

2 / Konjac plant: Glucomannan fibers, with strong saturation action and greater ability to absorb water (up to 50 times their weight) compared to most fiber. They form a gel in the stomach and create the feeling that we are full faster, they also help the better functioning of the intestine and the elimination of toxins, while studies show that they have a good impact on lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.


Finally, the formula is supplemented with additional valuable ingredients for optimizing the metabolic process.

The content of choline, chromium, and vitamins B1 and B6 enhances the metabolism of lipids, sugars and other carbohydrates.


- average daily calorie loss: 700 kcal
- average weight loss: 3,43 kg
- average loss of points in the middle: 6,6 cm
- average loss of points on the hips: 6,9 cm de tour de hanches

* Scientific study WF / NP 16-6422 for Lipoxim® active complex, 60 subjects - 28 days


Instructions for use: 2 tablets x 2 times a day just before your 2 main meals (4 tablets a day in total)

(Ideally the treatment should be done 2-3 months for maximum results).


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