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NUXE: The big name in beauty care

The world-famous French brand NUXE utilizes the elements of nature to create irresistible cosmetics for the special and unique requirements of each female body.

Its name came from the combination and synthesis of two words (nature & Luxe), which are synonymous with nature and luxury. The results of this seductive composition are sought after by the modern woman who wants to stand out and rejuvenate her skin, take care and take care of her body and face.

NUXE today spreads to more than 65 countries around the world, while its products (anti-aging protection, hydration, beauty, makeup, perfumes, oils, sun protection, face and body care, etc.) are all based on herbal cosmetology. Her compositions, in addition to the hearts of consumers, have repeatedly won first places and special awards-distinctions in many international competitions.

The philosophy of NUXE

NUXE's philosophy is based on the belief that the power of beauty is hidden in the secrets of nature. It is hidden in the natural and plant elements that the earth generously offers us, as long as we find them and use them properly with the modern know-how and the necessary specialization. NUXE has already created over 45 unique and internationally recognized formulas that offer their "secrets" as a caress on our skin.

Taking care of our body is not a luxury! It's nesessery.

The tests that NUXE product lines undergo in state-of-the-art dermatological laboratories are exhausting. After the necessary tests and safety certification, certification by international organizations with high quality health safety criteria, they take the road to meet consumers, always at prices that make luxury affordable and everyday enjoyment for all.

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