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Lanes: The Greek philosophy in nutritional supplements Lanes completes 34 full years of presence in the nutritional supplements industry. Its products are specially designed to focus on the energy support of the needs of the ...



Lanes: The Greek philosophy in dietary supplements

Lanes completes 34 years of presence in the nutritional supplement industry. Its products are specially designed to focus on energy support of the needs of the modern Greek.

The Lanes series provide multivitamins, Omega 3 and slimming products, vitamins B, E and C, Lecithin, Brewer's yeast and Echinacea, as well as herbal relaxants, tonics, laxatives and herbal remedies.

The experts follow the scientific developments and trends that are developing internationally in the field of food supplements, while they design and innovate based on the satisfaction of the requirements that stem from the modern way of life of the Greek citizen.

Lanes: Quality, safety, reliability and high nutritional value

For Lanes, strict control is ensured throughout the production process, from the selection of natural ingredients to the final composition and processing, to packaging, transport and distribution. In Lanes nothing is left to chance.

Specialized scientific staff and well-organized laboratories ensure products that meet high quality criteria and meet all international controls and the corresponding standards.

With Lanes for better health and wellness

The Lanes product lines cover a wide range of the body's needs ranging from energy and toning, protecting heart health, shielding our health against colds, while creating an impenetrable protection shield with products specifically designed for children.

Lanes offers: Natural nutritional supplements and products that respond to the fight against obesity and support for weight loss, overcoming constipation, relaxation and overcoming insomnia and stress, while there are Lanes that take care of the body and beauty.

Finally, Lanes pioneers products that have beneficial properties in memory function, while supporting vision and offering the special support that the body needs after the age of fifty.

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