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FrezyDerm, the Greek company that turned skin care and care into Science

FrezyDerm's product lines cover the needs of the skin for care and treatment, for hydration and protection from solar radiation, to combat skin aging, while at the same time it has formulas that address the problems that arise in oily skin with a tendency to acne. It also offers specialized care and treatment for the needs of sensitive baby and children's skin.

Quality product lines

The need to create quality dermatological products led her to the creation of the Dermocosmetics Research and Development Department which collaborates with many scientific and university institutions, so as to certify and ensure safety and effectiveness for the benefit of the citizen.

In recent years FrezyDerm is growing rapidly and in 2002 set up its own factory for the production of dermocosmetics, where the strictest scientific and professional protocols are followed for the preparation of its products, while it has secured the cooperation of specialized scientists, Pediatricians and Dermatologists.

Innovation and rapid development

FrezyDerm innovates through the promotion and exclusive distribution through pharmacies of special products designed for babies, such as Organic Baby Nutrition, Organic Baby Milk and Baby Creams of Organic Origin.

Its turnover has expanded to such an extent that today its products are distributed through a large network that brings together more than 4.500 pharmacies across the country, while at the same time its creations FrezyDerm travel worldwide, from the Middle East and Canada to the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

It consistently follows the philosophy instilled by its founder Mrs. Anastasios Anastasiou with the aim of providing quality services, honesty and respect for people and the practical and daily contribution to improving the quality of life. With this philosophy continues to walk today FrezyDerm.

Discover the full range of products FREZYDERM, the research and development activities that throughout its successful course has never stopped working with vision, respect for people and dedication to improving the quality of life by developing and creating innovative products and technologies that cover the entire spectrum of healthcare. One of the leading skin care companies worldwide, we are close to consumers, offering them exciting, innovative products, and that's why they trust us.

Starting with the skin, our researchers use state-of-the-art techniques to study the human skin, its metabolic mechanism and to reveal the secrets of skin aging. They are looking for innovative ingredients that support the processes followed by the skin itself.

People trust FREZYDERM more than any other skin care brand.

It is synonymous with immediacy, trust and effective care of every skin type. Meet the values ​​that lead us: Care, independence, responsibility and innovation.

Responding to the new trends and requirements of the modern consumer, but mainly to the new scientific data, the FREZYDERM constantly enriches the series it has with innovative products, which come to cover the needs that are created, always based on the developments of science. Little by little, these small revolutions have changed the daily life of all consumers: new ideas, new formulas, new textures, more practical products and packaging... The care products of FREZYDERM They evoke unique emotions thanks to their special aromas and the impressive results they give to the skin.

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