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Based in London, the British company Vitabiotics has been producing and manufacturing pioneering health care products for 40 years to improve human living and well-being through balanced nutritional care, actively contributing to ...



Headquartered in London, the British company vitabiotics has been producing and manufacturing for 40 years pioneering health care products to improve human living and well-being through balanced nutritional care by actively contributing to health of our consumers.

Why choose Vitabiotic

Through the wide range of products Our products, which are produced based on the latest scientific developments and the highest standards of quality medicine, give you the opportunity to choose the one that contributes to the optimal and most effective maintenance of your body in its physical condition.

We dare to innovate and this enables us to remain within the competitive space of international research and always remaining faithful to our basic principles we provide you with reliability and respect for the right products according to your needs and requirements.

It's for us taking moral responsibility, the products produced by our specialized laboratories and according to the clinical evaluations to cover your increased daily needs while ensuring you their fully harmonized and safe use for the benefit of the health of all consumers.

Thanks to the contribution and possession in its human resources for 18 consecutive years of a world-renowned and distinguished scientist, Professor Arnold Beckett, a pioneer in the innovation of Vitabiotics products, the opinion that characterizes him and by extension has become its philosophy vitabiotics it lies in the need for people to satisfy their particular needs during the different stages of life based on a strictly balanced diet.

Vitabiotic "TIMES" wrote about us in February 2010

".... The pioneer of drugs is tested in sports ... it was Beckett's contribution to doping that kept him for 25 years a member of the Medical Committee of the International Olympic Committee ... it was Beckett ... who together with the founder and President, Dr. Kartar Lalvani (his former student) who worked together on groundbreaking innovations, including the development of many of the UK's most widely used pharmaceutical food products .... "

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