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PAMPERS: Timeless value of 50 years As parents, you want a 100% safe, comfortable diaper that keeps your baby dry and calm during the day and at night. Pampers® has been designing diapers for 50 years with this very design...



: Timeless value of 50 years


As a parent, you want a 100% safe, comfortable diaper that keeps your baby dry and calm during the day and at night. The Pampers® have been designing diapers for 50 years with this in mind: ensuring that performance and comfort go hand in hand with safety. Their revolutionary technology helps to distribute moisture evenly and removes it, so there is less liquid volume in the morning. 

In fact, they look so comfortable and dry that you will wonder where the chicks went!

Historical facts about Pampers

As early as 1961, Victor Mills, a P&G engineer and researcher, was inspired by his young grandson as a baby to design a disposable diaper using reliable materials for everyday use.

For over four decades of research and constructive work through specialized diaper design technology we provide your babies with the the comfort and security they deserve. The Pampers brand made its debut by making a product that, thanks to its high tension, provides greater ease and comfort in its use.


Why choose Pampers

Undoubtedly the current ones Pampers diapers and soft underwear, provide your baby with as much free movement as needed during the day as well as extra protection during the night.

For modern disposable diapers, Pampers are characterized by a multi-layered surface, which allows the transfer and distribution of fluids away from the baby's skin to an absorbent core where it retains the fluid for greater ease of movement and safety.

The first urine of a baby penetrate the channels through a protective inner lining, also called a top sheet. On the top sheet there is a thin layer of mild lotion to help keep the baby's skin healthy by protecting it from moisture. Urine then passes through the absorption layer, which is made of fabric-like polyester fibers that are both soft and effective in rapidly absorbing fluid and then urine is removed from the baby's skin.

The urine distribution layer carries it to the absorbent nucleus, where it terminates for final storage.

The outer wrap of the diaper, also made of a piercing integrated soft cloth-like fiber to help remove moisture and transfer it from the bed or clothes to the baby's skin.

One is used special absorbent thickening material acting on the Pampers core to absorb moisture. This Super Absorbent Coagulant is widely known and has been used since the 1980s in a variety of consumer products, such as diapers, feminine hygiene and food packaging.

Clinical studies have shown that Pampers diapers have the ability to retain up to 30 times their weight in liquid, as the locked walls of the diaper leave no room for leakage.

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