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Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica is an innovative cosmetics company founded by Andrey Trubnikov in 2007. Now it has worldwide recognition and is the first company to develop organic cosmetics from wild herbs, grasses and plants from Siberia...
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Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica is an innovative cosmetics company founded by Andrey Trubnikov in 2007. Now it has worldwide recognition and is the first company to develop organic cosmetics from wild herbs, grasses and plants from Siberia and the Far East. In fact, the idea of ​​Natura Siberica was born in 1940. In this period of research two famous botanists from Russia, Lazarev and Brekhram, studied 4.000 plants that thrive in the wilderness of Siberia and the Far East. Many of these plants have been used over the years by the people of Siberia to create health and beauty elixirs for the Russian royal family. The special feature of these plants is that they survived the Ice Age and were able to thrive in difficult conditions. Siberia is known for its complex climatic conditions: extremely cold winters (up to -57C) alternate with hot summers (up to 35C) and strong winds. Lazarev and Brekhram discovered that these plants, under these difficult conditions, have developed special characteristics that help to improve our overall health and, more importantly, to slow down the aging process of the skin. Natura Siberica used these special herbs and plants as key ingredients and developed a unique and effective range of ICEA certified organic cosmetics. ICEA is the leading certification body for organic products in Italy. All this explains why the reputation of cosmetic products from Natura Siberica in just a few years has grown significantly, while at the same time it is considered the leading cosmetic company in Russia and its products are sold in most European countries, Russia, America, and Japan
Organic Herbal Cosmetics NATURA SIBERICA.
In Siberia and the Far East there is a large and beautiful virgin nature with unique flora and fauna. In the pure nature and clean air away from pollution, from fertilizers and chemicals, wild plants and herbs rich in precious oils and vitamins still grow freely and happily in abundance. Natura Siberica has encapsulated all the harmony and beauty of this nature in its name to accurately describe its products: Natura Siberica is the only company in the world that uses certified organic extracts of Siberian herbs. Since ancient times, natural materials from northern countries have been known for their beneficial properties. They were used in medicinal concoctions and decoctions, which were drunk to recover and to maintain vitality, health and youth.
Natura Siberica is still searching for new wild herbs, grasses, berries and plants with unique properties. It collects them from protected areas from where they have absorbed all the power and energy of nature and thanks to the most advanced technology, a minimum of artificial additives and strict control at all stages of production, they come to bear fruit, so that they can be preserved the unique healing properties and be enhanced. Natura Siberica uses certified organic extracts and oils. The majority of wild herbs used in the manufacture of Natura Siberica cosmetic products are certified organic by ICEA. At least 95% of the ingredients in Natura Siberica products are of plant origin. The products are free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens and artificial fragrances and dyes. Natura Siberica is proud of the fact that it is the first company producing organic cosmetics in Russia, the effect of which is scientifically proven!
ECO CERT: The control and certification organization for sustainable development. Ensuring purity and quality, the ECO CERT certificate is the most rigorous and prestigious standard among manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics. Products certified by Eco cert are environmentally friendly, as well as the company that produces them.
ICEA Cosmos Natural : Natura Siberica has certifications from the main body in Italy certifying organic - natural cosmetics
ICEA Eco Bio Cosmetics: The effectiveness of Natura Siberica cosmetics is certified as Eco Bio by ICEA and has been proven by dermatological tests at the laboratory of the University of Ferrara in Italy
BDIH : BDIH is one of the oldest and most rigorous European certifications created in Germany.
Best Green Cosmetic Cosmoprof 2012: Natura Siberica winner for green cosmetics at Cosmoprof in 2012
WILD Harvested Siberian Herbs: Natura Siberica produces certified organic-biological products using wild herbs and plants collected in Siberia and in this way the company supports the indigenous peoples of the region.
Natura Siberica has all the certifications of the COSMOS-standard AISBL organization
The farm of Natura SIberica is the largest organic-biological farm in Europe !!!
Natura Siberica created the first organic farm in Russia, where rare Siberian herbs and flowers are planted. As expected, we decided to create the farm in Khakassia as this is the only area where many rare Siberian herbs grow. Our Organic - Biological farm is certified by the European bio-standard EU 834/07.
In addition, our farm is certified by the global ICEA certification organization and thus we ensure the quality of the entire production process from the seed - soil to the final product and also that the storage and transport conditions are absolutely approved and fully controlled. With the Farm's certification, we ensure that the final product is 100% organic-biological.
The area of ​​the farm is 33 hectares and it is the largest in Europe!!!

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