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Mustela, the baby skin specialist for over 60 years, is constantly developing new research to better understand the needs and demands of babies' skin. During this unique experience of years that is enhanced by new signs ...

Mustela, a baby skin specialist for over 60 years, is constantly developing new research to better understand the needs and requirements of baby skin. With this unique experience of years enhanced by important new discoveries, Mustela provides even healthier, more effective and more natural care for babies and their mothers.

Dedicated to baby skin research, researchers at Mustela and Expanscience Laboratories regularly collaborate with recognized dermatologists and pediatricians, especially in the field of national and international conferences.

With the contribution of the industry's leading experts internationally, Mustela has implemented an innovative research project dedicated to children's skin from its days of birth their. For the first time in the world, Mustela's research team was able to represent the morphology of baby skin in the laboratory, in order to investigate it in greater depth, at the level of cells and genes.

The discovery that came after her research was really important: baby skin is endowed with a stem cell number, the number of which is the maximum at birth, but which they are extremely vulnerable during the first years, ie during the period of reconstruction of the skin barrier. This fragile and at the same time invaluable capital is unique for the whole life of the individual as it determines and ensures the course of his existence, the regeneration and the maintenance of the general balance of his skin. Mustela has also done Innovative research on infant skin barrier function from the day of birth. As a shield of protection, skin barrier is the body's first line of defense against environmental attacks and allows the skin to maintain a satisfactory level of hydration, vital for cells. But baby skin, which is not fully developed and is particularly sensitive, is not yet able to perform its role as a protective barrier. Thanks to this deep knowledge of the peculiarities of babies' skin and in conjunction with its continuous cooperation with professionals in the field of health (pharmacists, dermatologists, pediatricians, toxicologists, allergists, gynecologists), Mustela provides you with specialized care products that fully meet the needs of every baby's skin from the day of birth.

Why choose Mustela for your baby

The Asafe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela products help rebuild and regenerate your baby's skin and protect it today for a healthy tomorrow.

For more than 60 years, Mustela provides care and protection starring babies and their mothers. Mustela care products, thanks to their characteristic fragrance, have been passed down from mother to child for more than three generations.

Over the years, the pioneer Mustela, in its effort to incorporate the latest scientific advances in its care products and to effectively meet the expectations of new parents, proposes more and more innovative solutions. We change the daily life of babies and their mothers with new ideas, new perfumes, new textures, easier to use products and packaging. Undoubtedly the Innovations are gaining international recognition and are a world-renowned development company that has been networked for the past 15 years worldwide.

Today, the 4 different product lines available in different countries and including a total of 50 products confirm more than ever Mustela's unique specialization in dermatology. Innovative, safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela care products provide the ideal protection for babies' skin.

Mustela's priority is the natural ingredients that extract the most active substances from the heart of the plant world. Today, Mustela Bébé care products contain, on average, 92% natural ingredients. Discover the origin and the beneficial properties of the plants that are the raw materials of Mustela products to provide your baby with a complete care.

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