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The history of Philips AVENT dates back to 1984, when it started designing and manufacturing products inspired by nature, with respect for man and his environment, actively contributing to their ecological design under science…


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Her story Philips AVENT dates back to 1984, when he started designing and manufacturing products inspired by nature, with respect for man and his environment, actively contributing to their ecological design under scientific research and clinical evaluations.

Philips Avent Avent historical facts

Just in 1984 the brand name AVENT was invented and the promotion of a bottle of the same name on the market found a huge impact worldwide.

At principles of 20th century the internationally recognized company Philips, for its consumer products in the field of health and technology, in collaboration with AVENT created a unique combination of consumer products and services in the field of health.

As you know, the first stages of motherhood are an exciting and at the same time full of challenges period for this and it is useful to have guidance from a specialist in order to cope with the increased demands on you and your baby.

Philips AVENT started and continues to provide effective solutions that facilitate daily feeding and caring for your baby. What the company owner, Edward Atkin, discovered was the inconvenience of the hitherto common baby bottles with the hard nipples that were long and narrow, while the baby bottles had a strange shape, were not stable and were difficult to fill.

Wanting to be a pioneer in the field, Edward managed to design a bottle with a wide neck and a base for easier cleaning and filling that could replace breastfeeding.

Inside the nipple was made entirely of tasteless and odorless silicone.

Avent why be your first choice

The new product soft in texture and wide shape Thanks to the unique ventilation system, it effectively contributed to the reduction of colic cases in newborns.

It is no coincidence that more and more mothers are choosing Philips AVENT products. Our new baby bottles thanks their natural grip and wide nipple, a petal design where the movement with which your baby grasps the nipple is equated with that of breastfeeding.

With the unique anatomical petals that provide a soft and flexible nipple, they give flexibility and prevent the possible nipple folding. So, your baby is sure to enjoy his meal more comfortably and pleasure thanks to the advanced system for fighting colic and nervousness, having an original double valve, directing the air into the bottle and not into the baby's abdomen.

The communication with our consumers is direct through our website in order to be informed and to share with us your concerns.

Through successive scientific researches in the upcoming years, while clinical evaluations your we guarantee efficiency and the safety that superior quality products offer when using them, something that is proven by your final choice.

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