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For more than a century, the name NUTRICIA is synonymous with infant and toddler nutrition. It all started 1896, when Professor Backhaus, in Göttingen, Germany, first managed to make milk at the factory trying to approach the composition of breast milk. This important achievement was made available to all families by NUTRICIA, which undertook the industrial production of that first "baby milk" at its factory in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Since then, the NUTRICIA has traced an impressive product development path for every need of infants and toddlers, and starting from that first factory in 1896, to this day cares for children in every corner of the world.

NUTRICIA has a presence in 100 countries around the world and has 4 research centers in the Netherlands, Germany, England and Australia, where research is carried out by specialized scientists. In addition, in Wageningen, the Netherlands, Nutricia has set up the largest research center in the world to study breast milk.

NUTRICIA offers the mother a complete range of milks, perfectly adapted to the most specialized needs of infants and toddlers. Constantly studying the composition of breast milk and aiming to improve Almiron milks, it is the first company to add prebiotic fibers in 2000.

Today they are Almiron 2, 3 and Growing Up milks contain:
• the only mixture of oligosaccharides GOS: FOS (9: 1), approved by the European Union
Which naturally mimics the prebiotic action of breast milk oligosaccharides
• with more than 30 published studies

Its objective NUTRICIA is to offer high quality products that are completely safe. This is the reason why it makes a strict selection of raw material suppliers and performs 200 organoleptic, microbiological and chemical tests in each production.

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