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LIERAC SUNISSIME Lait Protector Energisant Anti-Age Global SPF50 150ml

LIERAC SUNISSIME Lait Protector Energisant Anti-Age Global SPF50 150ml

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Product code: 13501
LIERAC SUNISSIME Lait Protecteur Energisant Anti-Age Global SPF50 150ml Sunscreen lotion…
Product of the series Lierac Sunissime Lierac

LIERAC SUNISSIME Lait Protector Energisant Anti-Age Global SPF50 150ml

 Sun protection emulsion SPF50 total anti-aging

 The 1st anti-aging sunscreen line * that offers broad-spectrum protection while toning the skin.


 That's it LIERAC SUNISSIME Lait Protector Energisant Anti-Age Global SPF50 150ml contains:


Broadband protection [UVA, UVB, Infrared and Visible light]

Patented filtration system (UVA / UVB) + vegetable flavonoids (Infrared radiation) + melanin fractions (Visible light): protects the skin from visible signs of photoaging: wrinkles, loss and puffiness



Traps free radicals caused by UV rays to be converted to taurine: skin barrier is strengthened **, cell renewal is activated **, cell hydration is activated **: skin of improved quality, hydrated, strengthened is charged with energy 



Hyaluronic Acid 

Creates a protective film on the skin ensuring an intense hydration effect: the skin is smooth, re-thickened and intensively hydrated. 



Activates the production of melanin, for intense tanning



The active texture, with an addictive summer scent, creates a subtle film, for immediate protection of the skin barrier. Extremely delicate, it blends in perfectly with the skin leaving an invisible finish. 


* of LIERAC Laboratories

** In vitro testing


The first sunscreen and anti-aging line * for total protection and renewal of the skin



WIDTH RANGE PROTECTION (UVA, UVB, Infrared and Visible Light) + Pre Taurine: for protected skin, with better quality, full of energy


Complementary active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: for smooth, firm and perfectly hydrated skin

Tanning activation peptide: for a great tan 

 Of LIERAC Laboratories 


Before exposure, apply the product on the body. Repeat at least every 2 hours. Do not expose yourself to the sun for a long time. Do not expose babies and young children to the sun. 





Perfectly hydrated skin: 100% (1) (2) 

 Invisible film on the skin: 100% (1) 


In 14 days

Skin tight, firm, smoother: 100% (1) 

Uniform tanning: 95% (2) 

Rejuvenated skin: 90% (1) 


In 28 days

The quality of the skin is significantly improved: 100% (1) 

More than 9 out of 10 volunteers feel that their skin has enjoyed a beneficial, refreshing haircut (1) (2) 


 (1) Sun protection emulsion SPF 15 and SPF 30: Clinical study applied to 20 volunteers for 4 weeks-% satisfaction

 (2) Sun protection emulsion SPF 50: clinical study applied to 15 volunteers for 4 weeks-% satisfaction

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