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Korres English Natural products and cosmetics

When George Korres prepared a special natural heating rakomelo, based on traditional recipes of Naxos, he could not have imagined that its creation a few years later would be the basis for a beneficial syrup for the throat. And he could not have predicted that this product, created in 1966 in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, would give the impetus and the trigger for the production of an endless series of natural products and cosmetics, with which the company now Korres would spread its fame at the ends of the universe.

From the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens in the world market

From this small, but innovative for its time, pharmacy of the capital developed a large today and modern company that offers over 400 certified, natural and organic, products and cosmetics, which travel to more than 30 countries around the world and can be purchased at 12.000 points of sale.

Based on the products of the earth, inspired by the Cyclades, the Aegean islands, Naxos and the gifted nature and biodiversity of Greece, the Korres Of course Products and Cosmetics is based on the utilization of herbs and natural-biological preparations that have particularly beneficial properties for the human body.

From nature to man

Η Korres Natural Products and Cosmetics collaborates with the National Research Foundation, with the University of Athens, while it has created its own research and development laboratory, where a series of natural formulas are prepared for the skin, for the protection from burns, for its treatment. body and face, for beauty, health and wellness.

Its products have attracted the attention of consumers in demanding and difficult markets such as England, USA, China, Spain and many other countries, while it has been repeatedly awarded for its innovations in international conferences.

Η KORRES researches the current trends of the world market and responds to the new and constantly changing needs of the consumer. Its goal is to produce innovative high quality products, which enhance the health of every skin type and highlight its beauty. Because nothing is more valuable than caring for and hydrating your skin, safety is its primary commitment. KORRES.

All her care products KORRES are hypoallergenic, highly dermal tolerated and guaranteed. Before they reach your hands, they undergo systematic and extremely strict safety checks in collaboration with health professionals. For proven effectiveness at the top of the developments of dermatological research, we ensure our fruits through the dermatological know-how of our Laboratories, as well as its care products KORRES have undergone extensive evaluations through clinical trials or dermatological and use trials to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Η KORRES, the dermatologist, is constantly conducting new research in order to better understand the needs and peculiarities of human skin. Thanks to this unique experience of years supported by new important discoveries, the KORRES provides its consumers with even safer, more effective and more natural specialized care products.

For more than 60 years, KORRES has been writing the most beautiful care and protection stories starring you who trust them.

A pioneer as always, it strives to incorporate the latest scientific advances in its care products and to meet even better the expectations of consumers by proposing more and more innovative solutions over the years.

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