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In Klorane laboratories, where innovative products are always manufactured with respect for man and the environment, strict clinical controls are followed by specialized personnel in line with pharmaceutical ethics at all levels of production and distribution of products.

A key principle for the Klorane brand is its botanical know-how thanks to its constant value in the field, as all its products come from plant ingredients that are distinguished for their authenticity.

Company information

Around 1966, Pierre Fabre, having a passion for botany, founded the Klorane laboratories, launching at the same time the 1η series of shampoos based on plant extracts. Another characteristic invention is the chamomile shampoo with which success will not be long in coming.

Klorane's ingenuity does not stop there but extends its horizons to products intended for the care of the sensitive eye area. Thus, the Cyanocentauride known for its soothing and emollient properties is selected as the central ingredient, while at the same time corresponding treatment lines intended for the male sex are designed.

The establishment of the Klorane Institute (Foundation) which in combination with the Klorane laboratories continue their successful course this time is addressed to young children who find what they expected, their own line Petit Junior, providing their sensitive and youthful skin with hydration and the glow it deserves. With the products of the Bleuet series, special patches are created for smoothing and relaxing the area around the eyes with Cyanocentaurea extract.

Another product against Hair Loss makes its appearance with special ampoules K1-K2 for men for women separately. Reaching the recent present, the appearance of the Dermo-Protection series concerns shower gels with wonderful, lively, discreet aromas that give a velvety texture, rejuvenation, hydration, wellness, cool feeling of freshness.

Why choose Klorane

The preparation of the special Quinoral nutritional supplements for the strengthening and care of the hair is another achievement thanks to the new products of high protection as well as with additional products of intensive care for your sun protection.

The new Cible men's care line is also characteristic which gives the modern man the rejuvenation and care he deserves in the increased demands of everyday life in order to reduce the signs of time.

The herbal ingredients and the thorough study of the extracts for their possible beneficial effects, are a source of raw materials in Klorane laboratories, proving their immediate effectiveness.

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Thanks to hypoallergenic, pediatric and dermatologically tested products The expiration date and production lot for even more efficient traceability ensure the safety and usability of the product.

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