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The company Intermed in 1996 was founded by Kleonas Tsetis, pharmacist. Its vision is the development, production and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products that will meet many of the daily, general and special needs of modern man.


We committed to becoming better, we achieved it, and we were awarded!
We are pleased to announce the new award of the Pharmaceutical Industry INTERMED, which, successfully fulfilling all the criteria, obtained the International Certification EFQM "Recognized for Excellence" (Recognition for Business Excellence) of Four Stars & the Greek Model Certification EE Principles of Business Excellence ", Silver Distinction.


Products INTERMED ACCEPT provide natural protection, have a wonderful taste.

Actisept is a daily fluoride mouthwash with mild antiseptic action, for the daily and effective fight against microorganisms that cause bad breath, plaque and inflammation of the gums and strengthens and protects the enamel of the teeth.

With daily care you protect teeth and gums.

With the unique combination of ingredients it contains and without the presence of alcohol, they give a wonderful taste of orange and cinnamon that does not burn. The product ACTISEPT WHITENING offers natural white teeth with great taste without burning. A daily fluoride mouthwash with mild antiseptic action, for the daily and effective fight against microorganisms that cause bad breath, plaque and inflammation of the gums as it strengthens and protects the enamel of the teeth while maintaining the natural whiteness of the teeth.

The product ACTISEPT MOUTHWASH 1.5lt provides natural protection with orange flavor without burning.

It is a daily fluoride mouthwash with mild antiseptic action, for daily and effective control of microorganisms that cause bad breath, plaque and inflammation of the gums as well as the strengthening and protection of the enamel of the teeth.


Calciofix is ​​a swallowable tablet that contains calcium and vitamin D3 to meet your needs during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

Is also useful at any other time in a woman's life showing increased requirements for calcium & vitamin D.

Suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding, osteoporosis. Without the risk of dysfunctional side effects, is also given to patients with diabetes.


Specialists in dermatology and venereology with many years of experience and walking.

Through our collaborations with clinics and hospitals in Warsaw and conducting special training for dermatologists and pediatricians in the field of pediatric dermatology and lectures for pediatricians we co-created the Healthy Skin Clinic, which aims to educate pediatricians and parents about skin care of children.


For the daily protection and care of your teeth and gums, we recommend it Chlorhexil-F Toothpaste which is an antibacterial fluoride toothpaste with chlorhexidine, for daily gum care, which is effective in combating gum plaque, strengthening and protecting teeth, tightening gums and reducing gingivitis.
Use the special toothpaste which is also suitable for homeopathy and then follow a mouthwash with Chlorhexyl Mouthwash or other chlorhexidine solution as it does not contain SLS.

Treats gingivitis and periodontitis thanks to the combination of CHLORHEXIL 0,20% and 0,12% respectively. It strengthens the enamel on the teeth and at the same time tightens the gums and reduces unwanted occasional bleeding.

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