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Chicco: Everything about the baby's smile

Chicco designs its products with passion and with a basic concern: how it will be able to give happiness and smiles to your baby.

This is not an ordinary slogan or form of advertising. Chicco has been rewarded for the practical social and corporate responsibility it systematically displays through actions and deeds. Multiple awards from internationally renowned bodies certify its innovative action.

The products are famous for the care, joy and protection they provide to children because Chicco knows its family and needs.

Chicco Baby Research Center

Chicco has created the model Baby Research Center where systematic studies are conducted in order to better understand the needs of the baby, so that we can create everything they need to be happy and happy.

Her Baby Research Center Chicco focuses on observing children aged 0-3 years, where with specialist scientists he develops research and study programs based on the needs of the most critical moment for human development. It is based on the collaboration of scientists from a wide range of specialties, in contact and dialogue with parents.

An organization at the service of the child

Chicco is not just a company. It is an organization that intervenes with its actions and products in everyday life, opening new avenues for the care of parents and children, known throughout the world, for its social contribution, for its responsibility and sensitivity towards the child and the family. .

It is a member of the transnational Artsana Group and is interconnected with a number of specialized specialists from one wide range of specialties, who know deeply the needs of children, mother, family. Collaborates with pediatricians, with professional scientists in child development, with speech therapists, psychologists and teachers.

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